Tips for Parents

Tips for parents in high school from the experts:

  • Stay involved in your teen’s life (This is not the time to “let them go”).
  • Know who your teen’s friends are.
  • Limit “sleep overs” and last minute change of plans.
  • Be concerned if friends that always came around stopped coming over.
  • Check in with other parents where the “gathering” is taking place.
  • Be consistent with curfew.
  • Ask that you be contacted when leaving locations. Insist on checking in.
  • Greet your teen when they come home and talk with them about the evening.
  • Praise, compliment and recognize good behavior and good decision making often.
  • Pick your battles. But be firm when it comes to unsafe, dangerous or risky behavior.
  • Listen to your teen and don’t over react each time. They may not tell you again.
  • Encourage hobbies, interests, athletics and jobs that challenge or spark interest.
  • Ask that your teen to choose someone that they can call if they cannot get a hold of you
  • when in an uncomfortable situation. Put that name/number in their cell phone.
  • Use stories in the media or newspaper about issues and ask their opinion or comments.

Make sure your teen understands that you are the parent and your role and responsibility is to guide, instruct, teach and love them. You expect them to grow up to be responsible citizens. Set the bar high in that regard.